The Home Team Advantage

An intimate, boutique firm, Home Team PR  and Events specializes in public relations, event planning, and creative marketing concepts for the food and beverage industries. We fully immerse ourselves in our client’s experiences, products, and business functions and act as an extension of the management team. Nothing is out of the question — arranging introductions and meetings, setting up travel, assisting with a photo shoot — you name it, we can do it. Our goal is to be an expert resource in all aspects of your business, and we work hard to formulate a solid long-term marketing strategy that works.

Together, we will develop and implement goals, strategies, and tactics to create buzz with big results to your bottom line. Our firm has the capabilities, the drive, the knowledge, and the experience to implement an effective communications and events strategy that will elevate your company and make it a leader in the industry.

We work 24/7 to ensure our clients are receiving the services they need. If it requires early morning conference calls or late evening efforts, we are there to assist. We are picky when it comes to choosing our clients. We want to ensure that our roster represents our brand, beliefs, and reputation. We also want to make sure we do not dilute the message or attention our clients deserve.

Ultimately, we like results and lots of them. Once we outline a plan of activities, we ensure that the plan is implemented effectively and then add to it as we go along. Our goal is to make your company successful, and Home Team will do whatever we can to ensure that happens.

Samples of Efforts

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