Bittermilk Launches Their Next Hand Crafted Cocktail Mixer: No. 4 Rouge

Bittermilk, the Charleston, SC based company making hand crafted cocktail mixers, has unveiled its latest product line—the No. 4 New Orleans Style Old Fashioned Rouge. Owners Joe and MariElena Raya created the line using botanicals found in french absinthe, spices used in bitters and naturally pigmented it with cochineal and then aged it in Willett Family Reserve rye whiskey barrels giving it dry, spicy notes. The Rouge is perfect with one part No. 4 and four parts rye. Stir with ice and garnish with a lemon twist. No.4 pairs best with aged spirits.

 “This compound was inspired by one of the oldest known American cocktails—the Sazerac—which originated in New Orleans back in the 19th century,” stated Joe Raya. “We are ready to expand the Old Fashioned line with this strong and bittersweet mixer full of licorice and spices. This is a great mixer to use if you are feeling that laissez-faire kind of attitude.”

 The No. 4 New Orleans Style Old Fashioned Rouge will be available via their website and in a variety of the retailers across the country already selling the product lines. This includes Two Boroughs Larder, Bottles, and The Glass Onion in Charleston along with Salt & Sundry (DC), Welcome Home (Nashville), Café Amelie (New Orleans) H&F Bottleshop (Atlanta) and Willett Distillery (Kentucky).

 To learn more about Bittermilk, visit or follow on Twitter @DrinkBittermilk.


Bittermilk, hand crafted cocktail mixer compounds, are designed for the modern day cocktail enthusiast. Husband and wife team, MariElena and Joe Raya developed Bittermilk to simplify the process of making craft cocktails at home.

 These compounds are the first of their kind, each hand made and hand bottled in a small production in Charleston. The products are sourced with all-natural, organic (when possible) and unique ingredients. Bittermilk Compounded Mixers allow the customer to mix up unique, quality cocktails following a simple ratio of Bittermilk to their choice of spirit. Each of the products use a bittering agent, a sweetener, and an acid to achieve a balanced cocktail, hence the name Bittermilk. Inspired by what goes into making a classic cocktail, they add complimenting botanicals and aromatics to brighten flavor and then use creative techniques to maximize flavors; things like roasting, burning, smoking, barrel aging, percolating and macerating for an amazing end product. They are bottled, packed and shipped by hand in Charleston, South Carolina.