Pre-Sales for Jeff Scott’s Notes from a Kitchen Vol. 3 Begin Online Today

After a successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year, James Beard Foundation award winning photographer and author Jeff Scott is excited to launch pre-sales today of Notes from a Kitchen Volume. 3 on the website, The book, published independently from Scott, will be available in a two-part Limited Edition Collection, with the first set available in October, 2014 and the other in January, 2015. The books will be sold almost exclusively via the website, though a limited quantity will be available at the finest Indie Bookstores.

 Along with the pre-sales, Scott is excited to announce Momofuku Culinary Lab and Chef David Chang’s participation in the book.  The team at the Momofuku Culinary Lab join over twenty other chefs and artisans from around the country who share their personal relationship and perspective on food. Chefs such as Alex Stupak, Jordan Kahn, Dominique Crenn, Joshua Skenes, Matthew Jennings, Dave Beran, John and Karen Shields, Julian Van Winkle, Sean Brock, Vinny Dotolo and Zakary Pelaccio to name a few.

 To learn more, watch the trailer or to pre-order Notes From A Kitchen: Volume Three, visit